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Community Initiatives

The Hampton Roads Project (HRP) is a seven cities (Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton and Newport News ) urban grassroots movement.

We are building a high-performing network made of community nonprofits and grantmakers. By building strong relationships between service providers and funding groups, we will penetrate deep into our urban communities empowering those who are seeking to solve problems within urban communities. 

HRP has three specific goals: 

1. To build capacity among our community of nonprofits through organizational teaming

2. To encourage grantmakers to participate in funding initiatives where there is organizational teaming

3. To launch our HRP initiative targeting employment opportunities, job-based education and illnesses related to obesity, hypertension and diabetes

HPR OUTCOMES and TIME-FRAME: This is a three years undertaking. The projected outcomes are as follows: over three years 1,500 jobs among unemployed African American men; 1,000 skills and credentials acquired among minorities; 10,000 minorities enrolled in healthy lifestyle programs involving diet and exercise along with routine clinical care. 

Chimney Hill Pilot Project

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Project Targeted Programs
  Children Mentorship 6-12 yrs old
  Youth Leadership 13-17 yrs old
  Career Development 18 yrs old & up
  Health Matters
  Community Relationships and Values
  Property Preservation 
  Corporate Community Reinvestment