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Center for Global Diplomacy 

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Center for Global Diplomacy

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Center for Global Diplomacy (C4GD) Mission

Mission: Center for Global Diplomacy (C4GD) is a civic agenda of a 501(c)3 organization purposing to establish ecology of organizations identifying social and civic issues in urban and rural communities by organizing smaller service provider groups utilizing their capacity to participate in solving problems. This eradicates competition among smaller providers by promoting partnerships and collaborations. 

Vision: C4GD solves social problems across communities where disparities, inequities and injustices are diminishing the quality of life of individuals in various communities by bringing people together from all walks of life representing all types of organizations. 

Strategy: Identify the problem through empirical research acquired from scholars, professionals and practitioners; build new applications; and acquire resources to solve problems.

Initiate: Smaller service providers must register with C4GD  as  we engage philanthropists, foundations, governments (federal, state and local), business, religion, education and medical to build resources for grassroots penetration into communities. 



                              Post Office Box 62914

                              Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466

Email: [email protected]             

C4GD School of Diplomatic Leadership Mission:

Our mission at C4GD School of Diplomatic Leadership C4GDSODL) is to develop 21st global diplomats to infiltrate the world in various sectors of life by demonstrating the principles and practices diplomatic leaders were taught.

We are committed to offering an education that emphasis the Gospel of Christ as the kingdom of God here on earth. We labor diligently to provide a place where students are developed to counsel and advise kings, queens, government officials, aristocrats, professionals, marketplace workers, churchgoers, etc. consistent with the teaching on the kingdom of God.

Through the courses offered at C4GDSODL, each student will gain a solid understanding of the word of God from the perspective of the King’s intention.

If you are interested in partnering with Center for Global Diplomacy or want to leave your comments about our organization as well as about issues or challenges that need to be addressed in your community please connect today!

Building Partnerships to Build Better Communities


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