Prime Time is the cornerstone of our family support services model.  Every family deserves an improving quality of life as a right.  So, it is our intention to support every family who desires an increasing quality of life.  

Food Desert Hub

It is our commitment to create a greater supply chain distribution apparatus for families and children as well work in partnership the FoodBank and other food agencies.

Financial Stability

Personal financing is one of our core disciplines for helping families in need.  We deem it important that families know proven money skills such as budgeting and savings.

Forward Leaning

It is crucial for families to experience measurable metrics for engineering a better future by planning which is inclusive of increasing skills to command more income. 

Finish Then Flourish

This is our educational-recreational after school programs for k12 children. It involves finishing all school assignments and projects, first. Then the children can participate in recreational and performing arts programs. 3pm – 6pm April – May & 9am – 1pm June – August & 3pm – 6pm September – March

The Good Life

This is our educational-vocational programs for adults ages 16 and up. It involves after school tutoring, college prep, life skills development, job skills training, job search, computer literacy, money management, healthy lifestyles (eating & exercising), and spiritual enrichment. 3pm – 6pm April – October & 2pm – 5pm November – March.

It's My Business

This is our family services programs design to address personal problems. It involves one on one interaction whereby the family can protect its privacy relative to any matter of concern. Appointment only