Igelsia Reinado del Reino

Kingdom Reign Church / Igelsia Reinado del Reino


Dr. B. Theron Williams

Dr. Grace Williams

Kingdom Reign Church / Igelsia Reinado del Reino

La Iglesia Reinado del Reino iniciara sus servicios religiosos en español el sábado 2 de marzo de 2024 a las 6:00pm. Kingdom Reign Church is opening its Spanish Church Services Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 6:00pm.

949 Chimney Hill Shopping Center, Virginia Beach Virginia 23452
Apostle B. Theron Williams and Pastor Nestor Galan our new Pastor

Virginia Beach VA

Baton Rouge LA

Charlotte NC

KRC Pastoral Team

Jay Youngblood

Lead Pastor
Virginia Beach

Victor Barrett

Regional Pastor
Charlotte NC

Sarah Cullen

Adm. Pastor
Virginia Beach 

Lisa Barrett

Adm. Pastor
Charlotte NC

Dorris Boss

Regional Leader

Nestor Garlan

Pastor Principal
Virginia Beach

Moores Chapel Church, N.C.

Joseph Williams


Lenora Williams


Dunn North

City View

Dr. Grace M. Williams
Virginia Beach, VA
Bishop / Sr. Pastor

The quiet yet convincing woman of God stirring the movement of the Church and the Kingdom over two decades.  Grace is just the steady influence of this most effective work the Lord has bestowed upon her and her husband, Dr. B. Theron Williams.  Together as visionaries they have become the wisdom of God to so many people both spiritually and secularly.  

Fireside Chat with Dr. Grace

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Singles Rock!

Here at Singles Rock! we realize the single life whether never married, divorced, widowed or widower it does come with challenges. That's why we say SINGLES ROCK! with excitement for we are victoriously winning the challenges that accompany single hood. 

Two n One

The beauty of a couple is the opportunity for God to perform what only He can do.  What is that you might ask?  It is to cause two people to become as one.  This is what every couple must strive to realize everyday of their lives.  Two n One is where you can experience oneness.

Men Moments

Well, man cave is what men tend to enjoy after being responsible to provide for your family and community.  Come join us as you take some time for yourself.  Men Moments are where you can come and just be a man.  Fun, fellowship, food and more!

S. P. A. 

Sisters Purposing to Advance the Kingdom (S.P.A.) is all about women coming together to experience the power of God as they serve one another in love, peace and joy in a judgment free zone.  Reaching out to all women who long to experience the power of sisterhood is our mandate. Come join us!


Our children and youth are having the time of their lives.  From participating in team sports to dancing and designing websites and outdoor gardening.  If you are interested  come join us as we do those things that children of all ages love to do.

Community Events

Our community events are just for you.  If you are looking for an events hall, volunteers for your home projects, help with neighborhood cleanups and just any event you want advertised come and let us know how we can help you succeed.